I’ve always had to draw. I’ve created miles of lines during my life, and in retrospect they’ve braided together to create a pretty fair account of my history. Throughout my life I have used drawing to cope, celebrate, understand, and learn - sometimes even to love. I’ve always worked with the human figure because of its centrality to life’s drama and its capacity to relate to everyone. Most of life’s trials require choices and most choices involve friction between two sides. I enjoy portraying that friction through figures. I also love the velvety black marks a good waxy pencil makes on a fine sheet of paper. The rub of the pencil on paper and the rub between choices seem to be two major sources of inspiration for my work.

Although I believe that credentials are impressive, I don’t think that they are useful in getting to know an artist. Really, it comes down to you last piece. Here are a few of the significant events of my artistic career.

- I studied at Utah State University and earned a BA in Drawing and Painting. There I studied under Adrian VanSuchtelen.

- I studied and wrote a paper on ways to improve elementary students’ capacities to learn and apply art concepts. This resulted in a Masters of Education from Brigham Young University.

- For 28 years I taught art on a high school level. Overlapping this time I was assigned as an Art Specialist for Elementary Schools for two years and for eleven years I worked as the Visual Arts Consultant for grades K-12 for Utah’s State Office of Education.

- Although there is not enough room, I would love to list all of the students I have worked with that have gone on to careers in art. I consider them to be among my greatest works of art.

- I retired from my art teaching career, but education wasn’t going to let me go. I currently work at Nebo School District as the Visual Art Curriculum Specialist. Now I work with teachers to help them develop and teach meaningful art programs for their students.

All the while I continue to push the line of my pencil further and further trying to distill my dreams and my life onto paper.

If I don’t draw,

I’ll explode.

(or erode, or evaporate, or phase through the “branes” to a parallel universe, or something not good)